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ScanButton is a multi-functional ActiveX control integrating scanning, image conversion, multipage TIFF and PDF creation, and FTP upload all within your browser. This client-side component provides any web site with a quick and easy one-click scanning and imaging solution. ScanButton supports all twain scanners and is easy to integrate in any web page. All web transfer is done via FTP. It is easily installed via a simple CAB or EXE file your browser downloads and installs automatically. ScanButton is a simple, easy to use scanning and imaging solution for any web site requiring users to scan documents and transfer them to a central location.
Scan Button ActiveX control integrating scanning

We have included 2 ways to use ScanButton: as an end-user product or a developer’s tool. The first way, called “Attended Mode”, displays a series of dialogs and windows assisting the user with scanning, viewing, converting, and uploading their scanned files. This option does not require any programming and acts as a stand-alone app within your browser. The other way, called “unattended mode”, does not provide any dialogs or windows. It is completely controlled by client-side code within the web page and acts as a standard component. Web developers can configure the type of scanner used on the client’s PC, specify the FTP site with login credentials and define whether additional files like PDF or multipage Tiff files will be created and uploaded.

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  The FTP upload options include:
  ISIS, Twain, Xionics Image,Tiff G4 Image ViewerOptional username and password for secure FTP sites
Multipage TIFF and PDF creationUpload Multipage Tiffs or PDFs, single page PDFs, or the original scanned files.

  Scanning options include:
  High-volume imaging large document scannerUse any TWAIN compliant scanner.
Royalty-Free OCR Forms ProcessingIf the user has multiple scanners installed, you may display a list of installed scanners allowing the user to choose which     scanner to use.
De-skew De-speckle character enhancementScan in batch or single page mode.
Black border removalDelete the scanned files after FTP Upload saving local disk space.
OCR Forms Processing Image conversion to Tiff, Bitmap, or Jpeg.

  Viewing options include:
  Bar-Code softwareRescanning a page.
ICR Character RecognitionViewing image information such as DPI, file format, compression, color scheme, and dimensions.
MICR CompressionAccess to the options and configuration dialog.
Indexing Decompression Free Image ViewerStart FTP Upload right within the viewing window.


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