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TiffSurfer Image Viewer and OCR Reader for Internet/Intranet Applications

TiffSurfer is a plug-in that supports document imaging functions within your Internet browser. This powerful yet easy to use plug-in provides :
Image Viewing Image Viewing
Image Manipulation Image Manipulation
Image Cleaning Image Cleaning
Image Printing Printing
PDF Generation PDF Generation

Tiffsurfer Image viewer

This powerful browser-based tool provides image viewing, manipulation, cleaning, printing, PDF generation and text recognition on the Internet or Intranet.

Tiff images are popular and widely used in many applications because the excellent Tiff compression formula permits very small file sizes with minimal degradation of image quality. Yet, most Internet browsers, which natively support certain images in JPEG and GIF, offer little or no support for Tiff images.

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TiffSurfer Support    
   Internet Explorer 3.0 and higher

Web developers can easily include TiffSurfer as an object within web pages using HTML's OBJECT tag with a reference to the image on the server. TiffSurfer can be customized to lock out certain features such as image saving and printing.
TiffSurfer Basic

Barcode ReadingImage viewing: single and multiple tiffs, jpeg, gif,     cals, bmp
MICR CompressionView entire directories or create LST files to view     groups of images
ICR Character RecognitionImage saving and printing
Plug-in KofaxNon-searchable PDF creation (image-only PDF)
Twain Xionics Image TiffMultiple Tiff creation
Plug-in OCXMagnifier and Navigator
ActiveX LaserFicheMultiple thumbnail views

CD PublishingImage rotation
simplex duplex ProductionCursors: Copy To Clipboard, Hand Panning, Selection,     Annotation, Magnifier
Optical Marks OMRCustom zooming and scaling
CMC7 document managementCustomizable background colors
Imaging Software DevelopmentAnnotations: rectangle, redaction, highlight, stamps,     text and Wang
Document ScanningImage Email, TWAIN Scanning, Barcode recognition

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TiffSurfer Advanced

OCR Forms ProcessingAll features of Basic version
Bar-Code  softwareImage cleaning: Deskew / Despeckle
Imaging ComponentsImage rotation to any degree

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