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VisionX - Imaging Software Development Kit

Powerful imaging software development kit (SDK) for application, component, and Internet developers creating commercial-grade solutions in VB6, VB.Net, C#.Net, C++, JavaScript, ASP, Delphi, and other languages supporting ActiveX components. VisionX is an entire suite of ActiveX components built from the ground up by VisionShape's team of imaging experts. VisionX gives developers/integrators the ability to develop a complete document management solution. VisionShape has a long history of offering advanced SDKs empowering customers to provide advanced imaging functionality including ISIS and TWAIN scanning capabilities, image viewing, conversion, editing, annotating, and printing. In addition, Visionshape's SDK's offer

VisionX Check scanner support

users barcode recognition, OCR, MICR, image compression and decompression, PDF generation and PDF extraction within their commercial solutions. A comprehensive set of image processing functions is provided and over 30 file formats are supported with the fastest processing speeds available. Our OCR and PDF generation components offer fast image conversion to searchable PDFs. The components described below are offered a la carte, giving customers the flexibility to buy only what they need.

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  VisionX Basic contains the following royalty free components:

Image Viewing:
Includes zooming, navigation, annotation support, different thumbnail views, magnifier and navigator windows, customizable annotation and background colors plus multiple events for interacting with the user.

Basic Scanning: Simple to use API to scan and capture images via TWAIN compatible scanners.

Check Scanning: Check scanner support for scanners from DCC, BUIC, SEAC, Canon, Magtek and more... all via the same simple to use API.

Advanced Printing: Image printing to any Windows print device including methods to print multiple images and text strings on one sheet of paper.

Image/File Info: Get image information such as DPI, dimensions, color, number of pages and much more.

Multi-Page Tiffs: Create/Modify multi-page tiffs by adding/deleting pages.

Image compression / decompression: Commonly used image formats such as TIFF, JPEG, GIF, etc.

MICR Parsing: Interprets raw E-13B MICR data from checks into meaningful fields.

  Other VisionX Components - Royalty bearing:

Advanced Image Processing / Manipulation:
Deskew, despeckle, black border, checkbox and line removal, corner mark and general registration and automatic cropping. Image rotation, cropping, merging, scaling and re-sampling (color depth conversion).

Barcode Reading: Most popular 1D and 2D barcode types are supported.

Bates Stamping: Stamp text strings and/or images anywhere on an image.

General Scanning: Support of TWAIN, Kofax Image Controls and importing of images from disk all via a common API.

ISIS Scanner drivers: Enhance the general scanning control by using ISIS drivers. Common API for TWAIN, ISIS, Kofax Image Controls and importing of images.

OCR: Full page and zoned OCR. Supported output formats are HTML, RTF, plain text and searchable PDF.

PDF Generation: Create searchable or non-searchable PDFs with images, text, or both.

PDF Import: A subset of PDF Generation allows pages from existing PDFs to be included in newly generated PDFs.

PDF Extraction: Conversion of PDF files into image format with configurable DPI and color extraction settings.

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