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Match Your Needs to Newest Available Technologies
VisionShape is a leading provider of branch and teller check scanners worldwide. VisionShape continues to introduce new check scanners and scanning products to meet the growing worldwide demand for distributed capture by integrating the best U.S. and European technologies.

AutoScan For Checks
AutoScan Check scanner is a version of VisionShape's AutoScan tailored to the needs of our Check Scanning users. It supports all the check scanners sold by VisionShape. This proven and tested software is perfect for back office and teller scanning, remittance processing, ACH and more. Using AutoScan Check scanner an image file is created and the data read from the MICR reader of the scanner is available in the output directory with a pointer to the scanned image name.

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Fujitsu compatible High-Speed Page Scanners Check Scanners
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      Check Scanners Comparison
Canon CR-25 / CR-55 Canon CR-25 / CR-55 Canon CR-180 Canon CR-180 
Digital Check TS 230 Digital Check TS 230 Digital Check TS 350 Digital Check TS 350
Magtek Excella STX Magtek Excella STX Magtek Excella Magtek Excella
VisionShape CS 470 / 480 VisionShape CS 470 / 480 VisionShape CS 500 / 550 VisionShape CS 500 / 550
VisionShape VCS 250 VisionShape VCS 250 

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