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PDF2 ....Almost ANYTHING

PDF2Anything converts PDF files into fully formatted Microsoft Word documents or almost any image file format. In addition, you can create PDF files from almost any type of image file. Everything you need to convert, edit and create PDF documents and forms is in a single, affordable and easy-to-use product.

Most PDF files are generated through a print driver called a PDF Writer or specialized conversion software. Many PDF's are created from scanned images.These PDF files are usually " image only " or " not searchable." You must OCR the PDF file in order to create a

PDF converter

searchable PDF file. This is often a slow, time-consuming process, especially on lower end products." PDF2Anything can OCR your image-only PDF's and convert them to searchable PDF's quickly and accurately.

The program also allows several input files to be merged and combined into a single output file. Converting a multi-page input file into multiple output files is also supported.

Select the approach for your need from two versions of PDF2Anything:
Server-Based Version: The service program is intended to run on a server unattended.
End-User Version: The end-user program is intended for manually processing a number of files that can be selected.

For a free 30-day evaluation version click here

Scan Button Eliminates the need to re-key
Remark OMR  Eliminates the need to reformat the page layout
Front Data Capture Solutions Gives you access to data contained in PDF files
Barcode Reading Easy way to create PDF files from images
KitCheck Scanning Makes searching for data in PDF easy and fast
MICR Compression Documents can be shared easily and  PDF's can be 
     viewed by anyone
Tiff Viewer Cost-effective alternative to Adobe Acrobat
Image Viewer Plug-in Service program available for corporate applications
     and for conversion services
Basic Specifications

Supported input files
Decompression Free Image Viewer PDF files
De-speckle character enhancement Image files: Bitmaps, Jpegs, Gif,Tiff, PCX and Cals
Features LaserFiche Compulink
CD Publishing Conversion of single or multiple input files into      single or multiple output files
Paperless offices Selectable resolution for conversion of PDF files      into image files
Check MICR E13B CMC7 document management Full color, gray and black and white support
Output FormatsImaging Components
Tiff G4 Image Viewer Image PDF files
Plug-in OCX ActiveX Searchable PDF files
Dunord ISIS Twain Xionics Bitmap
Engineering drawing imaging  Tiff
Character enhancement JPEG
VAR Imaging Components RTF
Document management HTML


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