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VisionShape's PDF2Anything© is a powerful conversion utility that leverages OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and other technologies to get the files into or out of PDF format. PDF2Anything helps you manage your business documents without worrying about what brand or type of software created the files.

PDF files can be generated through a print driver or specialized conversion software, but are also often created from scanned images. Such image-based PDF files are unintelligent files which are not searchable. You can remedy this with PDF2Anything© which allows you to work with document images just as you would work with paper. Combine or separate pages within a document, search for and find relevant information within pages, edit text and add notes.

PDF to anything File Conversion

PDF2Anything© is affordable and easy to use. It can convert your PDF files into fully formatted Microsoft Word compatible documents for editing. Or, you can convert PDF files into almost any image file format so that it can be merged and included with other documents. And, in addition to all this, you can perform the reverse process and create PDF files from almost any type of image file, allowing anyone with a PDF viewer to look at the documents. This feature is particularly useful for merging several files in different formats to produce a single multi-page file.

Eliminates the need to re-key information
Eliminates the need to reformat the page    layout
Gives you access to data contained in PDF    files
Easy way to create PDF files from images
Makes searching for data in PDF easy and    fast
Documents can be shared easily and    PDF's can be viewed by anyone
Cost-effective alternative to Adobe    Acrobat®
Service program available for corporate    applications and for conversion services
Conversion of single or multiple input files    into single or multiple output files
Selectable resolution for conversion of PDF    files into image files
Full support for color, gray or black and white    images
Image files may be combined into one output    or multi image files may be split into multiple    files
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