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Welcome to VisionShape, a company devoted to helping professionals in their search for practical, cost-effective document & check scanners, scanning & document management software, application development toolkits, and related turnkey solutions.
Document Scanners
Autoscan Document Capture Software
AutoScan Document Management Software
  AutoScan - Document Capture Software & Scanners
 VisionShape's Front End Capture Package Supports over 400 Different Scanners. AutoScan has Essential  Features for Processing Images and Electronic Documents in Virtually any Scanning Environment
Tiff G4 Image Viewer Plug-in
Imaging Toolkits
  VisionX-Imaging ToolKits
 Versatile and Powerful Developer's   Toolkit
Tiff Surfer Web based Image Management
  TiffSurfer - Web Imaging
 Browser Plug In for Web-Based Image  Management
PDF Converter
 Quick and Accurate "Back-Conversion"  of PDF Files "PDF Converter"
Front End Capture Solution, Scantuit and Remark OMR
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Check and Document Scanners
Check Scanning
  Check Scanning
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Document Scanning
  Document Scanning
 Cost Effective Bundles of VisionShape  Software and Scanners for Document Scanning
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